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How to Complete a Great Personal Profile for Agency Nursing

Are you looking to become an agency nurse but don’t know where to start? Let us help you stand out from the crowd! Keep reading to find out some of our best tips and tricks on how to complete a great personal profile for agency nursing. 

Steller CV

The first thing you can do is get your CV up to scratch. We can help you with this in our free, one-to-one consultations. Some pointers we would advise are the following:

  • Include a personal statement (150-200 words), describing your current role, relevant experience and skills
  • Add your work experience (starting with the most recent)
  • Include your qualifications and achievements
  • Don’t forget to mention technology skills and experience! This will benefit you due to the growth of use of technology in healthcare settings!

For more CV tips just like these, you can get in touch with me today at [email protected]. I'd be happy to help you land your dream nursing job!

Clarity Locums App

Another way to complete a good personal profile for Agency Nursing, especially Clarity Locums, is to include your area and radius.

On our app, you can easily change your radius of notifications. As you would generally be moving around to different settings, flexibility for travel is very beneficial for agency nursing. On top of this, a driving licence is a bonus.

Updating your profile is easy and doing this regularly will definitely make you stand out. Continually update your availability, certificates and notification radius to help land the best roles for you.

You can download the Clarity Locums app below:

For iPhone For Android 

Not sure if agency nursing is right for you? Check out our previous blog on the difference between agency and staff nursing here.

Posted on 15 April 2022 by Abbie Foran
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