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Functional and Required Cookies

Squarespace uses some necessary cookies for key features on your site, such as URL redirects, which do not record any personal data.

Analytics and Performance Cookies

Analytics and Performance cookies to collect information about how visitors interact with the website. We have disabled the Activity Log so that no personal data is recorded, and we have disabled the activity analytics by default unless ‘OK’ is ticked on the Cookie consent banner. This data is stored in Squarespace Analytics, such as traffic sourcesunique visitors.

Use of your personal information

We respect your right to privacy. Where personal details are submitted by users, either by email or via telephone, this information is treated in strict confidence. This information may be shared by consultants working within the Clarity Group, but will never be supplied or sold to any third parties for the purposes of selling or marketing to you.

We have done our utmost to ensure that any data is stored securely and effectively, to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of same. Please read our full Privacy Notice here ››