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Types of pharmacist jobs in Ireland

Pharmacists in Ireland work in a number of areas and roles across the healthcare system and people do move across sectors subject to the training requirements of the new job, some of the roles are below.

Community Pharmacists:

This sector is the most popular sector for pharmacists in Ireland. Almost 4000 pharmacists work in this sector. There are four distinct types of role in this sector.

  • Relief/locum pharmacists: you work in a different array of shops each week, filling gaps in their rosters;
  • Support pharmacists: you work in one pharmacy and support the supervising pharmacist in fulling their obligations;
  • Supervising pharmacist: you are legally responsible for for one pharmacy and ensure that it is fully compliant with the Pharmacy act. You will only work in this pharmacy and will have to work in excess of 30 hours a week;
  • Superintendent pharmacist: this is usually a position limited to pharmacy groups. It is a high responsibility role, you will work with the supervising pharmacists in the pharmacy group to ensure all pharmacy legislation and guidelines are adhered to.

Hospital Pharmacists:

These roles are for pharmacists who choose to work in the hospital pharmacy setting. These roles are highly sought after and so previous experience is definitely required. 

Industry Pharmacists:

These roles are varied in the descriptions and experience may be required. Your experience from your home country may be relevant here especially for highly specialised roles. Clarity Recruitments will be able to guide you through this.


European pharmacists who wish to work in Ireland usually start as support pharmacists as entry level and progress from there. Clarity has several job opportunities for pharmacists in different roles. 

You can check the vacancies available on our website at Jobs and refine your search by position, type, location and area.

Posted on 12 February 2019 by Andreia Castro
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