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Scary Recruitment Tricks & Treats

With Halloween just around this corner, we thought it would be a great time to debunk some recruitment myths, and set the record straight! Read below to find out more about the recruitment process at Clarity - Warning! Some of these might shock you!

My Recruiter Will Ghost Me

While it may be true that some recruiters won’t contact you again if you haven’t gone through as far as the interview stage, that isn’t the case at Clarity Recruitment! We love to build relationships with our candidates, and often if you’re unsuccessful in one role, we’ll know where else your skills and experience can be applied to. We’ll keep in touch with you until you tell us to stop!

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Job Hunting Will Suck the Life Out of Me

One thing that can put people off the job search is the long hours of trawling through applications - it’s no secret that finding a new role is draining! One benefit of Clarity Recruitment is that we do all the work on your behalf. All you need to do is upload one CV and we do the rest! We’ll assess your skills and experience and find which roles are best suited to you.

My Recruiter Will Haunt Me With Roles I Don’t Want

Here at Clarity Recruitment, we focus on creating a bond with our candidates and aim to understand exactly what type of position they’re looking for. We do this through initial one-to-one career consultations where we get an idea of your experience and what type of role you’re hoping to find. We have a look at your skills together and match you with positions you’re bound to love. We keep you updated every step of the way and communicate about which jobs would work best for you.

The Cost is Too Frightening

The idea that going through a recruitment agency will cost you an arm and a leg is a very common misconception – using our services as a jobseeker is and always has been completely free. Our fees are payable by the client, so those applying for the role don’t pay a cent. Remember if we don’t help you get a job we don’t get paid, so we do our utmost to ensure we get you the role that is right for you.

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Using a Recruitment Agency Makes Me a Clown

Another common misconception around using recruitment agencies to find work instead of applying directly, is that it puts you at a disadvantage. This isn’t the case at Clarity Recruitment, in fact we can actually help to push your application forward in the best light due to our direct contact with the relevant people in a company’s HR department. You may also find some newly advertised jobs on our website, before they are posted by the company’s themselves.

Still Spooked?

Have a chat with one of our expert recruiters to put your mind at ease - no strings attached!

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Happy Halloween everyone! Have a spooktacular weekend!


Posted on 28 October 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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