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Options for NMBI Decision Letter Holders

Have you registered with the NMBI? Received your decision letter and not sure what way to proceed? Let us explain the process for you!

Option One: Adaption Periods

You have to complete a 6 week period in a hospital in Ireland to “adapt” known as the ‘adaptation period’. Sometimes this can be extended to 12 weeks. During this time the Clinical Nurse Managers and Directors of Nursing will be required to supervise and monitor your work and make a final decision as to whether or not you are eligible for registration.

Although this option sounds easy to complete, securing a hospital that is NMBI approved is not. The list is very small compared to the hospitals in Ireland. With only 35 hospitals listed, this is less than half of the total 86+ hospitals in Ireland. Not to mention that most of these hospitals are within the public system which takes 4 to 5 months to go through the recruitment process (if not longer!).

The adaptation period is also paid at a lower rate of pay, so if you are considering relocating to Ireland to complete you will have to be aware of this if accommodation is not available. Securing a hospital or company willing to help you complete the adaptation period does not automatically mean that you are going to be signed off as competent, with many hopefuls travelling to Ireland and not being successful.


Option Two: The Overseas Aptitude Test

The NMBI approves an exam with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, RCSI: The Overseas Aptitude Test. The ‘test’ takes place over two days in Dublin. Part one concentrates on theory and knowledge and part two is the practical or OSCE test.

Both parts of the test are based on the NMBI's standards and requirements for Nurse Registration Programmes and are what newly qualified general nurses in Ireland must be able to achieve. 

The test is not to be feared or scared! The worst part is the fees. Unfortunately if you decide to go down this route the cost is €2,800. However, completing the test means you are automatically fully pinned with the NMBI and able to work in Ireland in many different healthcare settings. It allows you to be able to pick and choose the best setting for what matters most to you, whether it is location, salary, career development, etc. If you are lucky some clients are willing to pay for you to complete the exam as part of your contract and relocation package.


Working with Clarity Recruitment

We currently have some options open and available to Decision Letter Holders so please feel free to get in touch today! Our nursing team are available for free career consultations, CV creation, interview preparation and more. 

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Posted on 28 October 2022 by Laura Mulchrone
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