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Nursing Salaries: Ireland vs. the UK

Are you thinking about relocating from the UK to work as a nurse? One big question you'll have coming over is how your salary will compare to what you earn in the UK. Here is all the information you need to know about comparing the UK nursing pay scales to the Irish INMO pay scales.

What is the difference?

The INMO pay scale is divided into 30 different job roles, with different pay bands for each job role depending on the experience of the nurse. In the UK, the nursing pay scale is divided into 9 bands with different pay rates for each band depending on the nurse's experience.

What should you expect?

The starting rate of pay for a nurse in the UK is £24,907 (approx. €28,400), in comparison to the starting salary for a nurse in Ireland which is €31,109.

A newly qualified nurse will start on the band 5 pay scale in the UK, however this is not how the nursing pay scale works in Ireland. In Ireland a newly qualified nurse will start at the second band on the INMO pay scale as the first band is for a nurses internship.

Which band am I on?

When you are transferring over your NHS pay bands to the Irish nursing pay scale you will need to review which band you are on, ie. Staff Nurse/Enhanced/Dual Qualified, then move to the right through the salary scale the same number of times as your years of experience. This will get you the INMO salary you will be on.

This salary and pay per hour was originally based on a 39 hour week however due to the reversal of the Haddington Road Agreement, a nurse's working hours are now reduced to 37.5, thus creating an increase in pay per hour for all nurses. As the INMO are constantly trying to improve the pay rates for Nurses and Midwives working in the Irish Healthcare system, the nursing pay scales are always subject to change. I would recommend keeping an eye on the INMO website for the most up to date information on nursing pay scales and updates.

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Posted on 21 October 2022 by Laura Mulchrone & Molly Roche
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