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New Nursing Jobs: Summer Sneak Peak

Many nurses consider changing jobs in the summer for several reasons. Changing jobs will allow you to explore different healthcare settings, specialties, or positions that align better with your career goals and interests.

New opportunities:

Summer is a time when healthcare facilities, hospitals, and clinics often experience an increase in patient volume and healthcare demands. This can lead to more job openings and opportunities for nurses.

Transitioning with less disruption:

The summer months can offer a smoother transition period for nurses changing jobs. It's typically a time when many healthcare organisations experience a slightly slower pace compared to other seasons. This can provide nurses with the opportunity to adapt to your new workplace, build relationships with colleagues, and familiarise yourself with new protocols and procedures before the busier times of the year.

Enhanced work-life balance:

Summer often brings a more relaxed atmosphere and longer daylight hours. This can contribute to a better work-life balance for nurses, allowing you to enjoy their time outside of work, engage in outdoor activities, and spend quality time with family and friends. Changing jobs in the summer can help nurses find positions that offer more favourable schedules or work arrangements that align with their desired work-life balance.

Professional development opportunities:

Many healthcare conferences, workshops, and educational programs are scheduled during the summer months. Changing jobs can provide nurses with the chance to pursue new professional development opportunities, gain additional certifications, or attend training sessions that can enhance their skills and knowledge. These opportunities will contribute to career growth and advancement.

Networking and collaboration:

Summer can be a season when nurses have more opportunities to connect and network with professionals in the healthcare industry. Events, seminars, and conferences held during this time allow nurses to meet colleagues, share experiences, and exchange knowledge. These interactions can lead to new connections, potential mentorships, and valuable collaborations that can further their careers.

Nursing with Clarity

At Clarity, we employ nurses all around the country. We work with some of the biggest healthcare facilities in Ireland. Our roles range from acute/ hospital settings, community settings, and nursing home settings. With a variety of hours, days, benefits, and more, we have roles suitable for everyone. Take a look at what some of the packages offered below:

  • Full and part time (3,4,5 day options)
  • Flexible days and hours
  • Sign on and/or relocation bonuses
  • Benefits such as sick pay, maternity/paternity pay, monthly bonus, pension scheme
  • Career Development Opportunities
  • …And much more!

For more information or to make an informal enquiry today please feel free to contact Laura at the button below.

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Posted on 02 June 2023 by Laura Mulchrone
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