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Moving to Ireland

We know that moving to a different country for work can be challenging and even scary, to leave your family and friends and move somewhere where you may not know anyone, so we will try our best to help you settle in.

We can help you with paperwork such as getting your PPS number, which is required to help you pay taxes and get employed.

We will also be able to help you with accommodation with a host family during the time of the English course, which will be full-board so you won't even have to cook your meals and will only have to focus on passing the course. Learn more about the Host Family Accommodation here.

At Babel Academy of English, based in Dublin, Ireland, you will study with qualified native English speaking teachers. Babel team will support you throughout your learning journey. You can learn more about Babel Academy here.

Another question that is asked quite often is how expensive is living in Ireland? Food, apartment, taxes, transport...? The answer can be found here and here. These websites will give you an idea of the cost of certain goods in Ireland.

You can also look at for the current prices for rental property in different parts of the country.

Clarity team can help you find a job in Ireland, help you with your CV, interview preparation and guide you throughout the recruitment process. Clarity has several job opportunities in the health field such as pharmacy, nursing, medicine, optometry, health aides, etc. Take a look at the jobs available here.

Posted on 13 July 2020 by Andreia Castro
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