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Mindfulness workshop with the Mindfulness Clinic

Clarity was delighted to team up with the Mindfulness Clinic to bring a mindfulness workshop to our locums and the students of RCSI's and Trinity College's Schools of Pharmacy.

The event took place yesterday at the Clayton Hotel in Dublin and aimed to provide pharmacists and students with an introduction to mindfulness and equip them with the basic techniques to start practicing mindfulness in their days to day lives.

Led by Gerry Cunnigham, an expert Mindfulness practitioner, this was a unique opportunity for pharmacy students to take a brief break from their busy study schedules and focus on their own wellbeing.
We should like to thank all participants and the Mindfulness Clinic for this amazing day. 

To learn more about Gerry and his Mindfulness Clinic you can visit the website here.

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Posted on 14 February 2019
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