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Living costs - Ireland

The monthly cost of living in Ireland depends a lot on your personal needs, lifestyle and the city you decide to live in, with Dublin being the most expensive place to live.

Accommodation, groceries, utilities, transport and healthcare are all items that will obviously need to be budgeted for.


In Dublin, the rent price for a two-bedroom property starts from €1,200 and can go higher depending on the area in Dublin. The average for a similar property in Cork city is around €900. If you look to smaller towns and rural areas you’ll find rents are much lower. For example, the average monthly rent County Longford or Donegal is around €500 per month.


The price of groceries varies depending on which supermarket you choose to do your shopping in.

Irish and British grocery stores like Dunnes Stores, Tesco, and Supervalu, tend to be a little more costly compered to Lidl or Aldi, but they do have regular special offers on various items.


The monthly average annual cost of electricity for a two-bedroom property is around €80 and natural gas around €60. You have many different suppliers of electricity throughout Ireland and different prices depending on the city where you will live.


The national bus company (Bus Éireann) operates good services in a number of cities. The monthly bus pass for Dublin is around €130. In cities like Limerick, Waterford, and others, this the price will be lower.

Health Insurance

Although Ireland’s public health system offers treatment at a significantly reduced rate, the long waitlists turn many Irish to private health insurance. Many people choose to take private health insurance for a higher level of coverage and get immediate treatment in private facilities. The cheapest policies can be around €430 per year.

To learn more about living costs in Ireland you can visit the following link.

Posted on 28 December 2018 by Andreia Castro
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