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Finding the Right Hire for your Business

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In today's market hiring and securing the right candidate is more important than ever.

The hidden cost in making the wrong hire

Hiring a person takes time and effort; from the initial writing of the job description and duties; deciding where and how to advertise, not forgetting the cost of these advertisements; screening and shortlisting candidates; finding the perfect one and not being successful in contacting them; from first round phone screening to two or sometimes three interviews; for the person you had a good feeling on to reject your offer as their current company made a counter offer! All of this is just the start of the process, what if you successfully hired someone who unfortunately turned out to be the wrong fit for the business?

Hiring the wrong person can have a dramatic effect on the entire and wider team. The wrong employee can cost a company 36% loss in productivity, 40% loss in time while training and supporting, average 10% loss in outputs or sales AND an unbelievable 32% loss in team morale! In some cases the wrong employee can have a negative impact on your client relations of up to 18% and even damage its reputation. It is estimated that the cost of a ‘bad’ hire is approximately €69,000


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Let Clarity do all the work for you

Once you have expressed your interest in hiring a healthcare professional through Clarity we will take some time to discuss the job role you have open and the must have requirements for the right person.

Leave it with us to do our magic - with a vast database, marketing options, paid advertising and extra special secrets to resource the right candidates; We will then shortlist and submit the right people for the role.

Our support system is in place from start to finish - helping you to organise interviews, second rounds and in some cases trial days to ensure the person is the right fit for your needs.

No placement no fee!

A guarantee we live by, if we are unable to source the correct candidate there is no fee for the prospective client.

The services we offer are unparalleled! With expert recruitment consultants in Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical Recruitment. With years of experience in Agency, Temporary and Permanent Recruitment needs.


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Posted on 10 June 2022 by Laura Mulchrone
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