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European Professional Card (EPC)

Are you a pharmacist or nurse registered in the EU, and are considering a career abroad?

The European Union facilitates the process of recognition of the qualification of professionals such as nurses responsible for general care, pharmacists, and many others. Below, we have outlined the process of the European Professional Card and how it can benefit you to apply for an EPC before you decide to register as a pharmacist or nurse in your country of choice.

An important thing to note is that the EPC is not a replacement for registration with the regulatory authority. If you have an EPC, you can go directly to submit your registration application. You will need language competency test results, and you will also need a Certificate of Good Standing from every jurisdiction where you practised.

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Advantages of the European Professional Card

  • Your home country authorities will assist you with your application and check that it is correct and complete. They will also certify the authenticity and validity of your documents.
  • For any future applications, you won't have to upload your documents again.
  • If the host country authorities in charge of your application do not take a final decision within the set deadline, recognition will be granted automatically and you will be able to generate an EPC certificate from your online account.

If your profession is regulated and you need to apply for the recognition of your professional qualifications, you may also apply for recognition using the European Professional Card (EPC).

If your diploma is listed here and your training started after the mentioned reference date, you can benefit from automatic recognition and don't need any document translations if your qualification was issued in your current home country.
You can click here and use a simulator to find out in advance what documents you will need to submit as part of your application and what fees you’ll have to pay.


How does the process work?

  1. Create your EPC profile - go to and create an account with your personal and contact details.
  2. Create and submit an EPC application

Check the EPC User guide as it has a detailed step by step guide as well as some help with any issues you might encounter during the process.

When your application is approved, you will be notified by email and you’ll be able to generate an EPC certificate in PDF format. You can then submit your application for registration using the EPC certificate as proof of qualification with the regulatory authority.

If you are interested in working as a pharmacist or nurse in Ireland, please contact me directly, I would be happy to discuss the requirements and the process and tell you about the amazing opportunities available.

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Posted on 22 November 2022 by Lara Lima
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