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5 Ways to Overcome Job Interview Anxiety

Since the beginning of the pandemic the way in which we do job interviews has changed. We’ve swapped worrying about the length of time it’ll take to get there for worrying about whether our zoom background looks professional. Despite the changes one thing remains the same – interview anxiety. Sometimes, even though you think you’re the perfect fit for the job, you miss out on an opportunity due to the dreaded feeling that an interview brings. Below are some of our top tips to help you battle the nerves and ace your interview.


Do Your Research

An obvious one to begin with, but important! Research the company you’re interviewing with before you sit down. Check out their website, their social media, even their team member’s Linkedin profiles if you’re okay with them knowing you’ve been taking a look! Knowing some of the company’s background will help you find relatable values that you can bring up in your conversation.

With Clarity Recruitment we make sure that you are feeling confident before you go in by equipping you with previous questions asked by the client and conducting mock interviews!

Take Your Time

It’s okay to take a minute and think about the answer you’re going to give. Avoid rushing into the question and saying the first thing that comes to mind. Relax, take a breath, and even throw in a “That’s a good question!” if you need to. The interviewer will appreciate you giving a thoughtful answer over saying anything to just move the conversation along. If you find you’re drawing blanks, try keeping a pen and paper handy to jot down any key words that might help jog your memory as you go.

Be Comfortable

Looking professional for your interview is important but make sure whatever clothes you wear are comfortable. Wearing something that is too tight or doesn’t feel right will only distract you during the interview. Pay attention as well to what you eat and drink before. You might feel like a coffee is the boost you need but it could end up making you over-stimulated and jittery. Do eat some breakfast though!

Plan Something for Afterwards

You might be dreading the thought of sitting down with a stranger for an hour so to combat this try planning something fun to do afterwards! Go out for a meal with a friend or maybe head to the cinema. Giving yourself a plan to look forward to will help you have something to focus on other than your nerves. Plus, you won’t be stuck thinking about the interview after!

Trust Yourself

At the end of the day, this is just a conversation! This is a chance for you to talk about your career and show off your skills and achievements. As much as you want the job, remember that the company also needs someone to fill the position. They’re hoping it works out just as much as you are. Have some examples of your work ready and also any questions prepared that you would like to ask them, and be confident! You know you’re a great fit for the role so now it’s time to show them.


At Clarity Recruitment we offer FREE one-to-one career consultations, any time and day that suits you. During this call we will guide you through:

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  • Developing your CV and cover letter so it stands out
  • Interview preparation, including previous questions asked by clients

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Posted on 04 March 2022 by Hannah Phipps
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