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10 Signs You’re Ready For A Career Move

Dread going to work and feel stuck in a career rut? Do you have more to give and aren’t getting the opportunity to reach your full potential? Maybe you just can’t shake the deep and persisting feeling that it’s time for a change and you’re ready to move on. Aside from these obvious red flags, if one or more of the following 10 signs relate to you, then it may be time to start thinking about a career change.

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1 - Every night feels like Sunday Night

If this dreaded feeling is creeping into your daily life, it may be time to start looking elsewhere. If there is one thing that makes you detest the thought of spending time at work, why not apply for a new job? Whether it’s in a team of new people, with a more understanding boss, or simply a shorter commute to work, it’s worth taking the risk to put your own mental health and happiness at the forefront of your decision-making.

2 - You have a poor work-life balance

Are you thinking about work 24/7? By the end of the workday or workweek, are you drained in every way – emotionally, mentally and physically? You may be dealing with burnout. If your working hours, days or shift patterns aren’t suiting you, why not look elsewhere for a role with suitable working hours specifically for you?

3 - You’ve learned everything you can and there are no promotion opportunities

If your current role isn’t challenging you anymore, you might be ready for a promotion. If there’s a lack of available opportunities for you then you should consider looking elsewhere.

You don’t want to feel stuck in a job that’s going nowhere, so leaving can be your best option, especially when there are roles higher up the ladder that you are qualified for!

4 - You aren’t getting the pay rise you deserve

Think you’re not being paid for what you offer? If your employer won’t budge on salary, it may be time to move on. Whilst money isn’t everything, if you have a similar role to your peers but are making less money, it can make you feel less valued and feels unfair. As frustrating as this can get, the longer you stay in this role, the harder the gap is to close. Getting a new job with a much fairer salary can take away any financial worries or stress like paying the bills each month and taking care of your household.

5 - Your body is telling you enough is enough!

Stress really makes its mark on the body, and if you are constantly run down or finding it hard to relax because you are consumed with the job, this is a major red flag. Anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension or migraines are all signs from your body that it’s time for a change. You will thank yourself in the long run.

6 - You’re bored and lack energy

Everyone at work has days where their energy or enthusiasm levels have dipped, and that is totally normal. No one is absolutely fascinated at work all day every day. However, if you’re struggling to stay awake out of boredom, it definitely is a sign you’re ready for a new role. Depleting energy levels can also be an indicator that your work variables need a shake-up. The healthcare sector is a very dynamic working environment, so finding a job that stimulates you and has you on your feet should not be too difficult to find.

7 - You avoid talking about work

If you never want to recap the day with your family or friends and long for a change of subject, this could be a sign it’s time for a change. Understandably, there should be some separation between work and personal life, however, you should want to discuss it sometimes, especially when someone asks.




8 - You’re running on minus motivation

Are you always running late? Do you find yourself constantly watching the clock, counting down the minutes and racing out of the door as soon as possible? A career move may be on the cards for you. Work should be challenging but also rewarding and fulfilling! If you genuinely find yourself wanting to give up midst task with a lack of motivation, take a look at some new exciting options to spark your motivation.

9 - You’re already looking elsewhere

If you spend your time Googling jobs, bookmarking interesting roles or wondering if the grass is greener on the other side, then you need to get out of your current job and into a new exciting role for you.

10 - You work in an environment with high staff turnover and low valued employees

There are many reasons for someone to leave their job. However, if you notice a pattern within your workplace of high staff turnover particularly from talented employees, you may want to pause and consider why. If your workplace treats employees badly or has a culture that doesn’t align with you, you may want to consider making a career move. Working somewhere that aligns with you helps increase your motivation, job satisfaction and happiness.

Ready to move on? Here’s how to get prepared.

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Posted on 11 February 2022
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