Specialist Areas

Clarity Recruitment draws on a rich pool of experience from both its operations team and its board to offer a high quality service across the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and beverage, chemicals and materials and executive search functions. 

If you are interested in discussing your next move or your company’s recruitment needs, why not give us a call? Mark Tierney FIRP is our Practice Leader and Principal Consultant and will be able to advise you on many different options available and how we can help you find the best fit person for your organisation.




Ireland is a world player in the pharmaceutical industry. With a population of just 4.5 million Ireland hosts plants for over 120 international companies including 9 of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Ireland's pharmaceutical industry is highly advanced and encompasses a range of activities from bulk active plants to higher value activities such as R&D and the marketing of new medicines.  

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medical devices

Ireland's medical device industry is one the strongest in the world with eight of the world's top ten medical device companies located here. Ireland currently ranks as the 2nd largest exporter of medical devices in Europe with close to €14 billion in exports set to leave Ireland in 2016 alone. Thanks to strategic investment by the government over the past decade, a network of indigenous firms have spawned and provide support to and compete with some of the world's largest multinationals which have based themselves here. 


Food and beverage

The food and beverage industry is one of Ireland's most important indigenous industries. With almost 250,000 people employed in this sector, it dwarfs both the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors in terms of employment. While the sector lags behind the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors in terms of the total export value, it provides a continual and invaluable demand for Irish goods and services. 


chemicals and materials

The chemical and materials sector provides the bulk ingredients and precursors for many of Ireland's pharmaceutical companies. This sector spans from large manufacturing plants producing bulk material for formulation and manufacture, right up to small start-ups providing bespoke molecules and polymers for research and development. This sector is underpinned by steady growth we always have a diverse array of opportunities. 


executive search

Our team's pin-pointed approach to executive search enables our clients to build world class leadership teams. By supplementing our local knowledge with our global reach, we are able to bring leaders and specialists in industry to the table who will add substantial value to your team. 

Our team is not limited to working on projects locally here in Ireland and we also have extensive experience working on search projects across the EU, Asia & the USA. Our team has a track record of success in executive search projects including Chief Executives, Directors, Senior Managers and also niche areas, such as micro encapsulation, where talent can often be limited particular parts of the world.